Affiliate Program

Earn Rewards with WLServices

Maximize your rewards as an affiliate with WLServices. Simply refer customers, friends, or visitors and earn valuable credits to spend on our range of services. Whether you're a reseller, web designer, or operate an online business, our affiliate program empowers you to accumulate credits for future service purchases. Start earning credits today and unlock a world of possibilities with WLServices. Join our affiliate program and leverage your referrals to enjoy our services with earned credits.

  • Shared Hosting - 15%

  • Radio Streaming - 10%

  • VPS - 5%

How does it work?
Step 1: A visitor clicks on the affiliate link on your website.
Step 2: The visitors IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes. (So you can get paid!)
Step 3: The visitor is directed to our website.
Step 4: If the visitor places an order, the sale will be assigned to your affiliate ID.

- Not allowed to self-reference, you can not use your affiliate link to activate service with WLServices. Attempting to contract services with WLServices using the affiliate link itself will result in affiliate account termination, including the cancellation of all pending rewards.
- The use of Iframes not allowed to increase earnings, the attempt to use Iframe will result in immediate termination of affiliate account, including the cancellation of all pending rewards.
- It is forbidden to duplicate accounts, aiming receive percentage on the service of your use, if discovered will be disqualified joined the affiliate program and you may not recover the amount already in your account.
- It is forbidden to use any kind of illegal practice to get listed, including sending spam, in case of noncompliance with this standard all the features already recorded will be blocked, causing cancellation of affiliate account.
- It is not permitted to make deceptive advertising that may damage the name of WLServices.
- The rewards will remain pending for 60 days before you can request the withdrawal to your credit account.
- You can participate in our affiliate program only if you have any active service.
- The accumulated amount will be converted into credit in the account, intended for future payments of services on WLServices.
- The affiliate declares that evaluated and accepted to participate in the Affiliate Program of WLServices and agree to all the rules and conditions listed above.

*NOT APPLICABLE TO: Domains, SSL Certificates, Reseller Accounts & WHMSonic Licenses.